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Quinoa Trio (250g)


A colourful mix of organic white, red and the more rare black quinoa which is very easy and quick to prepare. These versatile grains are conveniently packed in a microwaveable pouch for maximum freshness and flavour.

Seasoned with extra virgin olive oil and unrefined Mediterranean sea salt, these delicious grains can be eaten hot or cold. Enjoy on their own, in stir-fries and salads or as a nutritious side dish. Quinoa is a source of fibre and protein.

Each pack contains 1-2 servings.

+ Ingredients

Water, White Quinoa* (31%), Red Quinoa* (8.9%), Black Quinoa* (5%), Extra Virgin Olive Oil* (2%), Sea Salt (0.9%).

*Organically grown

+ Allergens

This product is gluten free.

+ Diet & lifestyle

This product is suitable for the following diets:

  • Dairy free
  • Gluten free
  • Lactose free
  • Low FODMAP
  • Organic (certified)
  • Vegan (certified)
  • Vegetarian

+ Nutrition

per 100g per @g serving
184 kcal
773 kJ
@ kcal
@ kJ
Protein 5.5 g @ g
29 g
0.2 g
@ g
@ g
4.6 g
0.6 g
@ g
@ g
Fibre 3.1 g @ g
Salt 0.88 g @ g
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