Crisps, crackers & snacks

Sometimes you just need a little something savoury to tide you over – snackers, you know who you are… Not that we’re ones to talk, here at Fodpod we’re always grazing!

If cheese and crackers are your thing, be sure to check out our gluten-free selection from Nairns, Orgran, and Kallo. And if you’re feeling creative with your toppings then be sure to tag us on socials when you share your delicious inventions!

Our personal favourites here are the Salt & Vinegar flavour corn from Love Corn, the Lemon flavour plantain chips from TropicMax, and the crunchy Quinoa Pops in Raw Chocolate by Choc Chick. Honestly though, there are so many delicious options, we think you should try them all!

A box of Nairns Cheese Oatcakes

Cheese Oatcakes (180g)

These versatile Gluten Free Cheese oatcakes are made with mature cheddar cheese, gluten free wholegrain oats and very little else. Healthy wholegrain ...

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A box of Orgran Chia Crispi Bread

Chia Crispi Bread (125g)

Orgran Chia Crispibread is full of essential nutrients that will assist your body for the day ahead. Perfect for a snack on the go, or for topping up ...

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A box of Orgran Corn Crispi Bread

Corn Crispi Bread (125g)

Orgran Corn Crispibread is made with a deliciously light and crunchy texture full of the goodness of sun ripened corn, making it the perfect nutritiou...

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A packet of The Giving Tree Crispy Strawberry

Crispy Strawberry (18g)

Fresh strawberries have been freeze dried to bring you these amazingly delicious and healthy fruit snacks. Each pack is one of your five and day and r...

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A packet of Love Corn Habanero Corn

Habanero Corn (45g)

These savoury, crunchy corn kernels are packed with spicy Habanero flavour. They are plant based which means they?re vegan; they?re naturally Gluten F...

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A box of Nairns Oatcakes

Oatcakes (213g)

Nairn's pure Gluten Free Original Oatcakes are high in fibre and Coeliac UK approved. They are made with gluten free wholegrain oats that are grown in...

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A packet of Choc Chick plantain bites

Plantain Bites (30g)

Deliciously chewy pieces of plantain covered in 60% raw chocolate. These Plantain Bites are vegan, 100% organic, and ethically sourced from cooperativ...

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A box of Orgran Quinoa Crispi Bread

Quinoa Crispi Bread (125g)

Orgran Quinoa Crispibread is a quality wholesome product produced from the nutritious superfood Quinoa. Its light and crunchy texture makes it the per...

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