Biscuits, chocolate & sweets

We all like a sweet treat. Whether you’re craving an energy-rich on-the-go nibble such as Anglo-Dal’s Sesame Snaps, or looking for something more indulgent like iChoc’s vegan rice couverture chocolate range, Fodpod are here to cater to your every desire. We highly recommend iChoc’s White Nougat Crisp and White Vanilla Rice – smooth and decadent, whilst also completely vegan, dairy free, and low FODMAP.

Choc Chick, Doves Farm, The Ginger People, Rhythm 108, and Mrs Crimbles are also here with everything from chewy ginger candy to devilishly moreish cookies and macaroons. Just make sure you find a safe place to hide your stash!

A box of Mrs Crimbles Coconut Macaroons

Coconut Macaroons (195g)

Since 1979, Mrs Crimble's has been whipping up gluten-free cakes, bakes, and nibbles with oodles of know-how and a spoonful of love.These coconut maca...

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A Rhythm 108 Hazelnut Praline Bar

Hazelnut Praline Bar (33g)

This Swiss vegan Hazelnut Praline Bar has a creamy hazelnut and oat filling, flecked with crunchy chunks of hazelnut and is coated in velvety smooth d...

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A packet of Choc Chick plantain bites

Plantain Bites (30g)

Deliciously chewy pieces of plantain covered in 60% raw chocolate. These Plantain Bites are vegan, 100% organic, and ethically sourced from cooperativ...

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A packet of Sesame Snaps

Sesame Snaps (4 x 30g)

Anglo-Dal's confectionery brand Sesame Snaps is a snack made using the highest quality sesame seeds. Having been on the market for over 30 years, Sesa...

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