About Us

Welcome to Fodpod

We believe that finding foods that meet your dietary requirements should be a piece of cake.  We work hard to find products compatible with a range of needs so that you can shop in confidence and get back to enjoying your food.  Be sure to check the filters for the best shopping experience.

We hope you'll find everything you need amongst our products, recipes, and information pages, but if there's something missing then please get in touch.

A word from our founder, James:

I was first introduced to the low FODMAP diet by the dietician I was referred to after having major surgery.  They said that it helped a lot of people who had had procedures like mine.  It all seemed so complicated that I refused point blank to engage with it, especially since I'd never had any dietary requirements before.  As time went by I forgot about my dietician's advice, and my tummy got progressively worse.  Within a few years things had gotten pretty bad; I remembered the low FODMAP diet and decided to give it a go.

The learning curve was steep to say the least.  I read every label of every item I picked up in the supermarket, and was staggered to realise how much of it I couldn't eat any more.  Take aways, convenience foods, and many of my favourite snacks and sweets were off limits.  I spent so much time thinking about food, especially what I couldn't eat, and it left me feeling really low.

Eventually I got the hang of which foods were in and which were out, I learned how to adjust my old favourite recipes, and my cooking skills improved considerably.  More importantly my symptoms are now much better controlled. I was amazed that something as simple as changing what you eat could have such a big impact, but it just seemed such a shame that the journey had to be so difficult.  I decided that something had to be done.

I envisioned a shop where I could buy anything I could see, that had versions that I could eat of all my favourite foods (pizza included!), and that was staffed by people who understood my needs.  I hope that Fodpod lives up to that dream, and that it helps you to get back to enjoying your food, whatever your dietary requirements.


While we do our best to keep our information up to date, manufacturers can change products and information can be incorrectly recorded, so please always check the label on the physical product, especially if you have a specific allergy.  If you spot an error on our website please let us know via our contact page.  Always consult your doctor or an approved dietician before starting a new diet.